Maybe it was the grueling elections season that was 2016- maybe it was the continuous hate displayed on social media- maybe it was the fact that a “friend” called me an insecure slut for landing a guy he realistically had no shot with. Whatever the case was, when did it become okay to run around like a bunch of Regina George’s?

Now don’t get me wrong, never let a little skeeze think they’re going to walk all over you, but at the same time- we should never be at war with the ones we call our friends.

img_1253      To me it seems no matter where we turned this year there was a slew of frenemies. To those of you dealing with these very things, don’t try to change who you are for others. If you’re neurotic, be neurotic. If you have daddy issues, have fucking daddy issues. Just like dating, the friends we have should enhance us. Accept our weaknesses with our strengths, never making us apologize for what they perceive to be flaws.

“The flaws,” are part of what makes you, you. And if that’s not good enough…

There’s the door, bitch!

– Gabe


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