At times, I sit down at my laptop and begin writing to you all. I write to you about some things I haven’t ever shared with friends or family- some of my most personal moments, so much in fact that at times I feel you all must think I’m certifiable. But in this blog, I’m basically Carrie Bradshaw revealing all of my exploits to you all.

But this week I realized why I write to you;

We often have a reverend stop by my job. He’s a very jovial person- BEAUTIFUL chocolate man with a the most perfect smile and dapper sense of style. I’m about to get in trouble with the Lord if I keep talking to y’all about my feelings on this reverend! Anyways, this week the reverend said to me, “Gabriel! I want you to know that from what everyone says about you and from what I see, you go through life radiating the most positivity like you’ve never had a problem in your life!”

That moment was such a numbing moment for me. It honestly caught me off guard. As you all know, I could write a novel on the struggle of life- and- love. I often feel I experience things I don’t deserve, but I try to move through it. In that moment, I realize why I write this blog.

You see, with you all I can let my guard down. With you all I can receive a therapy that I get nowhere else. I can cry, I can say why I’m hurt, I can tell you all that people are shitty! In venting to you all, I let go of things in my everyday life. It made me realize that I have to save myself before I can save anyone else… and for that, I thank you all.

And this is why I write…

to Save Myself

– Gabe


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