Recently I read a riveting blog in regards to the LGBT community. It mainly discussed racism versus preferences, and though I absolutely feel that dating or refusing to date someone based solely on race is idiotic, it did make me wonder why people are so against you wanting to date someone that you have things in common with. When I say, “things in common,” I don’t mean go out and try to find the narcissistic construct that often exists in the gay community where men find their long-lost twin and look like the fucking Olsen’s on Instagram, but actually finding someone that you have things in common with.

I know some of you are reading and may be worried I’m about to attempt to defend the blatant ignorance of “no rice, no spice,” or, “No fats- no fems- no blacks, mainly looking for white- sorry, that’s my preference,” often seen on dating networks. NO! Fuck that, that’s ignorant. I operate under the policy of, “I’ll give anyone a shot… once.” By that, I mean I will give anyone a shot to woo me, but don’t think just because we’re both gay, we’re going to click.


I have a dating type that is often very scrutinized within the gay community and one which I DO NOT apologize for. I have a lot of straight male and female friends, as well as gay male and female friends. I do my best to not focus my circle on my sexuality, but on people- for me it is extremely important to have a partner who does the same. In dating I want someone who can go out with my straight bros and EDM, catch sports and just be one of the guys, just as much as I want someone who can enjoy a good kiki or drag show with the girls or our gay circle. I’m continuously told, “You like frat guys and that’s why you get hurt.” So, should I sacrifice my ambitions, my desires, my wants in a partner just to be in a relationship? You see- I hope those reading this are of the like mind, I would rather be alone than unhappy. For me, I am attracted to the core elements of what makes a guy- a guy. I LOVE BEING A GUY. I LOVE HAVING A PENIS. I WANT YOU TO ALSO!  I want you to have that passion, that aggression, that protective nature. I want you to mesh with my friends. I want you to love the gym as much as I do. I want to care about the same things! You can’t control love, but you can control settling- love isn’t something you settle on. Love isn’t a McDonalds burger.


Don’t apologize for preferences when they’re indeed preferences. That word has become such a taboo word in the gay community due to its blatant misuse, it became the politically correct term for racist, xenophobic, and narcissistic. Let’s call people on their shit and take back the word, “preferences.” Preferences can be a good thing, preferences mean we know what we want- we know what we’re looking for- we’re attempting to have things in common with someone and actually get to know them to see if we will click. People that are Black, White, Asian, Christian, Muslim, fem and fat can possess every single quality I just described.


“All my eyebrows ain’t plucked, there’s a gun in my truck. Oh thank God,

I’m Still a Guy.”



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