Sometimes I sit and ponder the intricacies of timing. How in one minute, things can take a drastic turn… if you would have been one minute quicker with a word, or one minute earlier, would things be exactly how they are now?

Those questions always resonate with me when dealing with a flame- turned- friend. Somehow, it seems that after you’re done, that is when they truly realize what you brought to the table. When they start to become the person that you always saw them to be. I feel Selena Gomez says it best, “Lighting me up like Venus, then you disappear and make me wait.” It’s like once you walk away, they exuberate the best in themselves to lure you back in- to get you to that place of, “is timing going to be everything? Is there a change?”

You see, sometimes we can see all the best in someone, we can see what they will become. However, potential is useless if untapped. I am currently challenging myself to not look at potential, but look at who a person is today. That’s not to say I expect a complete package, but someone can only be what they want- not what you see them becoming.

I will never ask someone to change the things I find attractive about them- however, I will not apologize for expecting them to match my effort. Match my effort while together, not in the wake of losing me.

My greatest issue in love isn’t over-analyzing, it’s seeing potential in those who haven’t found it in themselves yet. My second greatest issue is developing the strength to call it quits- but I’m getting stronger. I’ve challenged myself to not seek the man of my dreams, but to be the man of my dreams. The rest will buff out.

Timing is everything… but don’t let it pass you by dealing with the same bullshit.




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