Today was my first day back to work in over three weeks. From the moment my alarm clock sounded off- to the moment I got in my car- to the moment I arrived at the office, today just felt different.

Before leaving for the holidays, I recall being beyond stressed. Stress from my bosses, stress from my colleagues, stress from my subordinates. But today, today just felt different. It wasn’t until one of my peers brought me an issue that I realized today felt different, because I was different. Though a lot of the stress I had been feeling over 2016 gave me the ability to feel again, my approach was severely different today.

“Sometimes you’re not going to do shit right and it’s going to piss people off, but that’s life and we aren’t living to make others happy.”

In that moment I thought to myself, “What the fuck was that? Are you fucking on some, Tony Robbins shit today?” Honestly though, even in that moment of mentally chastising myself, I knew it was probably the most insightful and advantageous thing I could have ever passed down as a leader.

You see, we spend so much time worrying. We spend so much time trying to be the image of perfection- the best- the superstar, we unwittingly drive ourselves to the brink of our emotions. It’s okay to say, “I don’t like who I was today.” It’s okay to say, “I don’t like who I am becoming.” However, it’s not okay to make these type of self- analysis due to the stress or expectations of others or some bullshit depiction of what- or- where our lives should be from what we see on social media.

Life isn’t some ivory tower. Some days you’re going to fight with the devil and go down swinging in the battle of this thing called life.


Today I didn’t give a fuck.

– Gabe


2 thoughts on “Today I Didn’t Give A Fuck

  1. There will be days like those. Lord knows I’ve had them. You may want to check out Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck to counter any Tony Robbins moments you may experience. Hope it gets better. 😉

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